Our Story

Hi there, we are glad you found us! Welcome to our travel blog Outdoor More To Explore. This site is where we share our full-time RV travel experiences, outdoor adventures and the places we explore.

We are Angie and David Kuklinski (ka-klin-ski) from North Carolina. Most people call us the K’s. We are whitewater kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts who love to paddle, travel and wanted to get outdoors more to explore.

In 2018, we decided to follow our hearts and embrace living life to the fullest. With each passing year, we spent more and more time working and less time doing the things we love with the people we care about most. We heard ourselves saying “life is short” way too many times.  

We are passionate about the outdoors and travel.  And it has always been a dream of ours to explore our way across the U.S.  The older we got the more we realized life experiences and relationships were what mattered to us.  It was time for us to focus on both. So we turned our dreams into goals, worked hard and forged ahead!

It took a lot of planning and hard work (more on how to survive the overwhelm of downsizing later) but we made some significant changes to simplify and enrich our lives.

We sold our house, almost all of our belongings and left our full-time jobs.  We packed up a whole lot less stuff, moved into our RV and hit the road.

Full-time travel and RV life here we come! 

Now, we live simply, work creatively, and travel enthusiastically, full-time in our RV so we can squeeze the most living out of each day!

Follow along with us as we video our full-time travel experiences, outdoor discoveries, and the places we explore.

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We are excited to share our adventures and misadventures so you can learn and laugh right along with us as we experience RV life.

We’ve been inspired to make meaningful changes in our lives. We hope by sharing, we will ignite a spark in you to live your dreams too!